LED replacement bulbs

24V 36V 48V 60V LED house lights

LED online supply 24V led house lights, 36V LED house lights bulbs, 48V LED bulbs, 60V LED bulbs. Please note that DC 24V operation led light bulb is not suitable for 24v boat lighting system, The reason is that the Short voltage spikes of 24V boat will over 30V. For DC 24V boat light system, The operation voltage range of led bulbs must be from 24 volts to 40 volts, Please see here link to see how do I choose led lights for boats?  DC 24 volt LED outdoor landscape floodlight Click here to see LED lights for cars.  Click here to see LED fluorescent replacement for car and boat. Click here there is tens items of OEM G4 LED light bulbs G6.35 LED light bulbs / GY6.35 LED light bulbs    LED aluminum bar lights DC 24V operation.

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