Compact Fluorescent Lamp base Identification, Check out the different bases for Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Variety of bases for Compact Fluorescent Lamp:

If you choose the CFL replaced bulb with LED, you can pick your brightness level, the size and shape of the bulb. However, it's easy to get confused about the type of base and shape CFL bulb. There are a variety of bases for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. 

The CFL Light Bulb can come with a standard base, that is the most commonly used size. A typical base CFL bulb comes with an elongated screw at the base and is usually employed in light fixtures and lamps. In a medium or standard base (E26) it is possible to find small fluorescent light bulbs that have an array of ratings from 5W (15-25W equivalent incandescent) to more than 25W (75w-100W equivalent incandescent). CFL bulbs can be found in a variety of shapes. CFL bulbs come in a variety of shapes like spirals, torpedos, and candles for decorative purposes like chandeliers and sconces, capsules , or lamps that are typically employed in globes and lamps which are usually installed in bathroom fixtures. CFL bulbs also have evolved to offer dimmable functions and are compatible with the majority of dimming switches. 3-way CFL Bulbs are now available which can produce the three different levels of lighting when placed within a socket for lamps equipped with the three-way switch. CFL bulbs come in a various colors that range from a warm tone (2700 Kelvin color temperature) to daylight CFL bulbs that are able to produce a color temperature of at minimum 5500 degrees Kelvin that produce an extremely white light that resembles daylight. There are also Colored CFL Bulbs commonly found in pink and yellow color. Pink colored bulbs are often located in restrooms and restaurants because they produce a pleasing color, which can improve the appearance of objects in the room. A light bulb that emits yellow is hard for many flying insects to detect and is therefore suitable for areas where people congregate.

A very popular type bulbs that is available reflector bulbs is used in recessed lights that are extremely popular in residential as well as commercial settings like restaurants, hotels and apartments. Reflectors, also known as R-lamps, are primarily incandescent bulbs and can be they are available in the 40-100 Watt range. CFL Reflectors draw a fraction of the power used by equivalent incandescent bulbs and will save huge quantities of energy. CFL Reflector bulbs come in different sizes to meet your particular needs. CFL Reflectors with dimming Wet locations outside, winter, and variations for the dark sky are available.

CFL Candelabra bulb bases come with a screw base, but they have smaller dimensions than a normal base. They are usually employed in wall sconces with decorative designs and chandeliers, ceiling fans as well as chandeliers.

A different type of base that is suitable for Compact Fluorescent Light is the GU24. CFL GU24 bulbs feature two spikes protruding from the base rather than the standard screw that is in the base. The spikes are inserted into the appropriate sockets in the fixture and the bulb is then turned to secure it in place. These bulbs don't need an additional ballast because they're self-ballasted. But, it is possible to swap the ballast component of the lamp GU24. GU10 Base compact fluorescent lamps share a similar design to GU24 because they share two protruding pikes that are inserted into holes that correspond to the socket. The GU10 base bulbs are usually reflector lamps with halogens.

The Mogul base Compact fluorescent light bulb (E39) is equipped with an internal screw, but is different in size from a typical medium (E26) base. Mogul base bulbs can be used in certain light fixtures, and they tend to be larger in power.

Lights with a Compact Base, also known as Pin Base, as they are referred to, feature pins to support a base that can be connected to sockets rather than fitting into sockets using a base bulbs screwed in. Compact Pin Based Fluorescent Lights are smaller than the Fluorescent Tube bulb type. Pin Base bulbs are typically available in bi pin and 4 pin designs. They are available in a variety of forms e.g. triples, spirals, quads and twins. Pin base light bulbs require ballasts for operation. The major distinction between screw-in CFL bulbs and pin base CFL bulbs is the latter are specifically designed for fixtures that are.

Below images are display the different base of G24d-1 and G24d-2 and G24d-3. G24q-2, G24q-3 2G11, GX23, GX24 vs G24, G23 vs GX23 and many more. From our website, You can buy DC 12V DC 24V DC 36V, AC 100-277V G23 led bulb CFL led retrofitG24 LED bulb 2 pin 4 pin,  GX23 LED light Bulbs, GX24 LED light bulbs, GX8.5 led bulbs, 2GX7 led bulbs2d fitting led replacement2G11 LED bulbs, 2G7 LED bulbs, 2GX7 LED Bulbs2G10 2GX10q four pins LED Bulbs.

Two pins and four pins plug in and lock BASE Type

Most common Lamp base types include twin tube magnetic 2 pin Electronic Twin Tube quad magnetic 2-Pin, electronic 4-pi and triple electronic 4 pin. Be aware that screw-base CFLs are simple to operate and replace and they self ballast. Ballasts for CFLs with pin-bases are distinct and are less prone to heating issues, however they can be difficult to replace because bases differ for each Wattage. Electronic 4-Pin lamps can be dimmed however Magnetic 2-Pin lamp cannot be dimmed.

Four pin CFL Base types include: G24Q-1, G24Q-2, G24Q-3, 2G11, 2G10, 2GX10q four pins.

Below image show you the inner wire connectioned of inner the 4 pin base of 2G11 2G7 2GX7, And the compare  of 2G11 base vs 2G7 base, 2G7 Base vs 2GX7 base

Below image show you the differentialities Between 2G10 four pins base as well as 2GX10q four pins base:

G24 base vs GX 24 base: Below image show you the differentialities Between G24 four pins base (g24q-1, g24q-2, g24q-3 difference) as well as GX24 four pins base (included GX24 q-1 GX24 q-2 G24 q-3 GX24 q-4 GX24 q-5 difference ):

CFL 2-pin base kinds: G23 two pins base, GX23d two pins base, GX32d two pins base, G24 2 pins base included G24D-1, G24 D-2, G24D-3 two pins base.

G23 base vs GX23 base:  Below image show you the different between G23 base and GX23 base. All of CFL bulb with 2-pin bulbs either have a G23 or GX23 base. The G23 base is the most commonly used base for 2-pin lighting, But the G23 with 1 retaining clip, And the GX 23 with 2 retaining clip. The primary critical difference between these models is the placement of the notches on the base. This can affect the fit, even though there are 2 pins.

G24 base vs GX24 base: GX24 has a shorter base. G24 has a longer base. this bulb has a shorter base so that it can fit to both shallower (GX24) and deeper (G24) sockets. and this bulb has no dowel positions (a little notches) so that it can fit to any dowel positions (-1, -2, -3, etc.

Below image show you the different of US standard G23 base ( In U.S. maybe call as GX23 ) vs Europen standard G23 base, US standard G24 base ( In U.S. maybe call as GX24 ) vs Europen standard G24 base.  

Rotatable Universal G24 base, GX24 base, G23 base, GX23 base: 

(1). GX24q 270° rotatable Universal GX24Q Base for GX24q-1, GX24q-2 or GX24q-3. GX24d 270° rotatable Universal GX24d Base for GX24d-1, GX24d-2 or GX24d-3.


(2). G24q 270 ° rotatable Universal G24 Base for G24q-1, G24q-2 or G24q-3. G24d 270° rotatable Universal G24d Base for G24d-1, G24d-2 or G24d-3.

(3). rotatable Universal G24 base vs rotatable Universal GX24 base: Below image is G24 2 Pin American short fitable G24d-1 G24d-2 G24d-3  VS G24 2 Pin European long fitable G24d-1 G24d-2 G24d-3
G24 4 Pin European long fitable G24q-1 G24q-2 G24q-3  VS G24 4 Pin American short fitable G24q-1 G24q-2 G24q-3

What is the reason why you think the G23 G24 bulb with LED won't fit in the fixtures I have? When you buy G23 led bulb replacement and G24 LED bulb replacement. if they don't fit in the fixtures you have, the shape of the new bulbs restrict the ability to fully insert them. If this happens, it could be because you're G23 socket and G24 socket are shallower ( GX24 socket) . it is a US Standard G23 GX24 base. Not a deeper (G24 socket) that is Europen standard G23 G24. Cut off the bottom of socket to keep the base of new bulbs in the socket. Another option is to purchase our latest G23 socketG24d 2 pin socketG24q  4 pin socket.