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How to Choose LED Lights for Boats?

What is important for choosing a correct led lights for boats? Should Your Boat’s DC Electrical System Be 12 or 24 Volt? Virtually all boats under 40 feet or so that have an electrical system operate at a nominal voltage of 12 volts. That is, they use a battery that has a fully-charged potential of 12.6 volts, and the loads and charge devices that are installed on the boat are designed to operate between roughly 12 and 14 volts. But on a boat DC 24V system, Voltage on the charger goes up to approximately 29V DC.  For DC 24V light system, The operation voltage range of led bulbs must be from 24 volts to 40 volts.  I recommend that buy the led light bulbs from www.ledlightbulb.net which stated that led lights for boats, These items was already test on boat's lighting systems. Mostly boat lighting system is 24V operation, If you can not sure it is 12V lighting system, Please buy our the led light bulbs from www.ledlightbulb.net which stated that led lights for boats, Here link has tens items led lights for boats. These items mostly are wide range low voltage operation which can work on any voltage between DC 12V and DC 40V.  If we stated that the operation voltage can be AC 12~30V, This item is perfectly for boat lighting. All engineer know that the Max. DC voltage at AC 30 volt is over 40 volt.

When use led light bulbs as incandescent replacement, The operation voltage of incandescent bulb is 24V, I choose a led light bulbs which operation voltage is DC 24V. But why after you installed led light for boats and they burnt out within 5 to ten minutes? The reason is Short voltage spikes.

LED boat lights (led lights sailboats, led light bulbs boats, led boat lights, marine navigation led light) have long passed from the realm of untried and untested technology and are now one of the most common and popular lighting upgrades among boaters. Since all the power for your boats electricity needs is produced onboard, it is also quite limited. Generally, the engine, battery banks, and onboard generators provide the electricity needed. LED lights for boats are small size, high efficiency and excellent durability make them a natural fit for boating applications, and when you add in cool operation and an operating life measured in years, it's easy to see why led light bulbs are all the rage. Despite all their benefits though, there are some special considerations that must be taken into account when installing LED lights onboard your vessel.

Despite all their benefits, many boaters considering installing them onboard their vessels still find themselves with a lot of questions. Perhaps they tried some bargain LED fixtures, and found that they lasted little more than a month before they stopped working. Maybe they are confused by all the choices now available and find that because led light bulbs produce light differently than the trusty incandescent, choosing the right kind of LED for their boat is difficult. Whatever the case may be, these are legitimate issues that a boater is right to consider before making the switch to led boat lights. Fortunately, boaters are in luck as understanding the how's and whys of choosing led light bulbs continues to get easier as LED manufacturers continue to rapidly advance and improve their offerings.

As LED lighting continues to grow in popularity and with many boat manufacturers now including them in place of the old incandescent lamps that were once standard equipment, many owners of older boats are finding themselves considering switching to led boat lights as well.

LED light bulbs is electronic equipment as well, It is voltage spikes sensitive. It is different from electrical equipment.

The electrical systems on boats are self contained affairs that when broken down to their simplest configurations, include a power generating source, a power storage device, and power distribution systems. The whole system is independent of outside power sources, and usually not designed to provide a high degree of precise power delivery. While boat electrical systems are generally safe and reliable, they do tend to have current levels that can fluctuate a great deal, with short voltage spikes and varying current levels actually being quite common. For most types of electrical equipment such as incandescent light bulbs or electric motors, these variations are not severe enough to cause any notable issues. With sensitive electronics like radar, computers, or similar equipment that relies on smooth power delivery for proper operation however, LED light bulbs is electronic equipment as well, these variations can have serious consequences.

As you might by now guess, led boat lights are sensitive to fluctuations in electrical current delivery. While they are indeed rugged and powerful, they require precise voltages, and when the voltage delivered to them exceeds their maximum tolerances, they can abruptly fail or 'burn out". Combine this with the less than precise voltage control of a boat's electrical system, and it is obvious that problems can arise. Most electronic devices destined for marine applications onboard vessels are designed to withstand the fluctuations in voltages that occur with use on a boat. Solid state electronics with special controls are added to these devices which manage the flow of current the device uses, in essence regulating the current and keep it to a consistent level. This is true with many voltage sensitive boat systems, and as you can imagine, applies to led light bulbs as well.

Most boaters who install led light bulbs onboard 9 led lights sailboats, led light bulbs boats, led boat lights, marine navigation led light) their vessel and find they last for a very short period of time made the mistake of assuming that all LED lights are the same, and so purchased the cheapest led bulbs boats they could that looked as if they would install easily. However, these led bulbs boats were not intended for marine applications, and thus lack the electronics needed to manage voltage levels fed to the led bulbs boats themselves. With led bulbs boats, these electronic regulating systems are known as Drivers, and they perform a host of functions depending upon the application the LED is destined to for. LED drivers can regulate current, allowing an LED light fixture to operate over a wide range of electrical voltages. Some LED marine lights can be simply wired directly into a boat's electrical system regardless of whether that boat as a 12 volt, 24 volt, or even 36 Volt electrical system, because the included drivers automatically sense the current fed to the device and convert it to the proper levels for the LED. These drivers constantly monitor the voltages, and regardless of whether the voltage fed into the device spikes to high levels or drops too low, they maintain the actual voltages fed to the LED at a constant level.

Fixtures for led light bulbs for boats:

A good LED fixture will be constructed to withstand abusive conditions. For marine environments, the housing of an LED fixture should be constructed of heavy gauge aluminum or stainless steel. In the case of aluminum, a tough powder coat finish is desirable to provide resistance against the effects of corrosion. The fixture should be fully waterproof and carry a rating of at least IP66, which indicates the fixture can withstand exposure to water sprayed at high pressure. IP ratings of IP67 and IP68 denote complete protection against water and should be preferred whenever possible.

Many LED drivers used in fixtures destined for marine use can also serve to add other functions to the fixture. Drivers can be programmed from the factory to allow the user to connect external dimmer switches, which allows the user to dim or brighten the led bulbs boats much the same as they would an incandescent bulb. These drivers can also be configured to allow external controllers to be connected to the light, allowing operators to cause the light to flash or strobe like a signal light. Although these electronic drivers do add to the cost of an LED marine fixture, they added benefits in features and long LED life do much to offset the added cost.

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