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Product Engineering, Lighting Engineering, Embedded Control Systems Services

Our engineer can be your sole partner for all your electronic product engineering and Lighting Engineering needs. Through our electronics engineer skills, our partnership with mechanical design companies, we are able to offer complete product engineering Lighting Engineering solutions for your project engineering and customization requirements.

Our Product Engineering and Lighting Engineering services offering covers the following areas:

•Research and technology development
•Requirement gathering and product specification
•Hardware design
•Software development
•Enclosure design
•Prototype and testing
•Warehouse lighting system

•DALI bus lighting system
•Embedded Control System

Embedded Control Systems, This includes development of field devices, control systems, communication interfaces, real-time middleware, and frameworks.

Development of new products for

•Design of control algorithms
•Customized data loggers and local display units
•Enhancements to existing products
•Migration and porting of control systems to new platforms
•Network enabling of devices using serial, Ethernet, and wireless interfaces

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