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Project Engineering

We have thirty engineers specialize in Electronic & Mechanical engineering, Including Microcomputer controller design, Special type IC design, Software design, Special equipment design, Producing line design, SMT technology, Electric and power equipment design, Mold design, Injection molding, Punching, Painting and quality control, Apply for UL GS CSA CE approval, Equipment maintenance and repair. Any products are reproduceable in China if we assist. There are many factories cooperation with me for developing oversea market. All these factories supply high quality products in electronic and mechanical at low price. We would like to cooperate with you to develop new products which are suitable for your market. 


LED Lights technical Terms. Lighting Dictionary, Lighting Glossary, Technical Information

       White LED light

       Luminous Flux

       Luminous intensity  



       Luminous efficiency 

       Color Temperature 

       CRI (Color Rendering Index)

       PF (Power Factor)

       THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) 

  • LED Light bulbs IP ratings, IP20, IP64, IP65, IP68, waterproof, waterproof LED lights
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    Looking for explanation of special term. A complete list of lighting techniques, terms, or devices. It is, rather, a sampling of definitions frequently used by the lighting industry.


    Why using LED lighting? Why using LED lights for cars?

    Glossary of terms: Home LED lighting, Spanish technical terms

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    Frequently Asked Questions About LED Lighting

    How bright are led light bulbs?

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    How does the triac dimmer work?

    The letters stand for a specific characterisitic of the bulb

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    Let There Be Light: Solar-Powered LED Lamps Brighten Lives of Poor People
    DIY: The LED Light bulbs Combines with the Solar Panel as reading lamp or household lighting.
    Solar-powered LED lamps could save lives, lower costs, create new opportunities. About 100,000 villages in India still do not have electricity, and the cost of lighting those villages by traditional means is prohibitive. The solar LED technology eliminates the need for electric lights. After the initial cost, solar energy continues to light the lamps free of charge.

    Children can now study at night, elders can manage their chores better," one relieved villager told The Christian Science Monitor. "Life doesn't halt anymore when darkness falls.

    LED Lamps Provide Safer and Better Light For Less
    Replacing kerosene lamps with clean solar-powered LED lamps also provides healthier and safer living conditions as well as better light for less money. According to The Christian Science Monitor, about 1.5 billion people worldwide use kerosene to light their homes, but the fuel is dangerous.


    Soldering and curing processes for LEDs

    We use a versatile LEDs soldering and curing machine. Soldering and curing technologies are available as batch or in-line systems. Hot air convection, UV or IR machines are configured according to the application. The number of zones, the process technology and the type of transportation system (chain, mesh belt, chain over mesh) can be defined by the customer. Due to its flexible configuration, the machine can be used for various processes: Full convection reflow soldering and curing, UV curing, IR soldering and curing.

    SMD production in research institutes and universities

    Scientific exploration often requires to work with extraordinary technologies, also regarding the size and package density of electronic components. Therefore Universities and Research Institutes require SMD production machines with a very large application range that allow to produce highest quality, especially at very small series.

    In principle, an SMD production line consists of a printer and/or dispenser, a pick&place system and a reflow oven. Research projects often claim for maximum quality at minimum batch sizes, which can not be fulfilled by high speed production lines. For such a production, other solutions are required.

    In most cases, semiautomatic production equipment is ideal: Most process parameters are controlled by the machine and therefore reproducible. Programming and setup efforts are minimized because for complex tasks the process can profit from the flexibility of a person. Of course, there are highly flexible automatic machines on the market, too, which can meet the requested specifications for flexibility and quality. The following article shows, what prerequisites such machines must fulfill

    Different type led light bulbs:

    5 watt, 6 watt,9 watt, 12 watt, 16 watt led bulb using 3104 SMD LEDs

    9 watt remote control RGB LED bulbs

    Where to buy led? Buy led lights Online, Buy leds online

    La Ingeniería del proyecto
    Nosotros tenemos treinta ingenieros especializar en Electrónico & la ingeniería Mecánica, Incluso el plan de director de Microordenador, tipo Especial que IC diseñan, el plan del Software, que los equipos Especiales diseñan, plan de la línea Productor, la tecnología de SMT, Eléctrico y los equipos de poder diseñan, plan del Molde, Inyección amoldando, Picando, que Pinta y mando de calidad, Solicite UL el GS CSA CE la aprobación, mantenimiento de Equipo y reparación. Cualquier producto es los reproduceable en China si nosotros ayudamos. Hay muchos cooperación de las fábricas conmigo para el mercado del oversea en vías de desarrollo. Todas estas fábricas proporcionan los productos de calidad altos en electrónico y mecánico al precio bajo. Nos gustaría cooperar con usted desarrollar nuevos productos que son conveniente para su market.

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