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How do you Choose LED fluorescent lights as a replacement for conventional fluorescents bulbs?

When you choose LED light as replacement, Just choose the Lux of LED lights is equal fluorescent lights, Do not choose the Lumens of LED lights equal fluorescent lights, Because the fluorescent light is 360 degree beam and the LED lights is 120 degree or less beam

LED tube lights compared to Standard fluorescent tubes
*Easy installation and unlike conventional fluorescent bulbs there is no ballast or mecury vapor involved.
*LED Tubes are rated to last well over 50,000 hours. Standard fluorescent tubes are
rated at 20,000 hours or less. LED fluorescent replacements are perfect
for difficult areas to change bulbs or where paid maintenance personnel
replace bulbs
*LED Tubes consume up to half the power of a standard fluorescent tube.
*LED Tubes have no flicker, hum or buzz.
*LED Tubes contain no mercury like standard fluorescent tubes.
*LED Tubes come on instantly. No annoying warm up.
*LED Tubes require no ballast. No future ballast maintenance and replacement is a
sizable cost and time savings.

The difference in light output between the philips florescent tube vs the LED replacement tube

No Product Length Power  Output power Lumens Light output Angle Lux Cover of tube Energy Saving rate Life-Span
1 Philips18W 600mm 24W 18W 870lm 360 Degree 1M=155lux Glass cover /// 5,000H
8W, LED Tube with Transparent PC cover 600mm 8W 7W 650lm 120 Degree 1M=210lux Transparent PC cover 66.70% 35,000 H
10W, LED Tube with Frosted PC cover 600mm 10W 9W 700lm 120 Degree 1M=187lux Frosted PC cover 58.30% 35,000H
2 Philips 30W 900mm 36W 30W 1650lm 360 Degree 1M=250lux Glass cover /// 5,000H
14W, LED Tube with Transparent PC cover 900mm 14W 12.5W 1100lm 120 Degree 1M=342lux Transparent PC cover 61% 35,000 H
14W, LED Tube with Frosted PC cover 900mm 14W 12.5W 950lm 120 Degree 1M=246lux Frosted PC cover 61% 35,000H
3 Philips 36W 1200mm 42W 36W 2100lm 360 Degree 1M=285lux Glass cover /// 5,000H
16W, LED Tube with Transparent PC cover 1200mm 16W 14W 1350lm 120 Degree 1M=315lux Transparent PC cover 61.90% 35,000 H
18W, LED Tube with Frosted PC cover 1200mm 18W 16W 1350lm 120 Degree 1M=295lux Frosted PC cover 57% 35,000H
4 Philips 58W 1500mm 64W 58W 3350lm 360 Degree 1M=350lux Glass cover /// 5,000H
23W, LED Tube with Transparent PC cover 1500mm 23W 21W 1950lm 120 Degree 1M=418lux Transparent PC cover 64.10% 35,000 H
23W, LED Tube with Frosted PC cover 1500mm 23W 21W 1650lm 120 Degree 1M=305lux Frosted PC cover 64.10% 35,000H

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