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How to use

 LED T5 and U Shape - Fluorescent Tube LED Replacement

T5 LED Tube and LED U-Tube, U Bend Shaped Fluorescent Bulb replacement.  LED U shaped bulbs as U bend fluorescent lighting replacement. Easily retrofit any current fluorescent U Shaped bulb you currently have over to an energy efficient U-Tube LED bulb in just minutes! Lower energy cost typically offsets the higher initial cost of the bulb.


Due to the U shape and T5 fluorescent tube is too small size, The driver can not be inside the tube. So they need a outside power driver for this kind led fluorescent replacement. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED U Shape Bulbs and T5 tube always require a small driver to regulate the flow of power through the lamp. However, a LED bulb converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than a fluorescent lamp.


1. Remove fluorescent tube from lamp;

2. Remove the ballast and starter if it has. Note that: The LED tube can not directly replace the fluorescent tube before remove the ballast and starter.

3. Install the LED driver part which including in LED tube you buy it.

4. Remove the wire and install the LED replacement tube and connect as the circuit showed on the part of driver. Note that: The part of driver output has a mark  of + or -, These must be connect to LED tube which mark of + or -. And the mark  of  driver input has a mark L or N, These must be connected to mains voltage.

5. Rotate the tube lightly and make the illumination angle is good.


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