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How do I replacing fluorescent light with led?

Can i use led tube lights in a fluorescent fixture? Yes, It is easy, Just buy our Fluorescent Tube LED Replacement and install as below step. Otherwise, buy our Ballast compatible the led retrofit fluorescentLED Tube Ballast Compatibility, fluorescent tube led replacement don't requirement bypass ballast, ballast compatible led tubes, You can remove or not remove the ballast in fixture.

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INSTALLATION led retrofit fluorescent, 2-D Retrofit LED 

We must remove or taken out of the ballast inside the fixture. You'll save money by not having to hire expensive lifts. It is simple to retrofit. It's possible to save energy and improve reliability by eliminating the ballast. To ensure that the socket is free of high voltage remove all wires and triggers. Take the trigger, ballast and the capacitor off the socket if possible.

1. Remove fluorescent tube from fixture;

2. Remove the ballast and starter if it has. Note that: The LED tube can't directly replace the fluorescent tube before remove the ballast and starter.

3. Remove the wire and install the LED replacement tube and connect as below circuit.

4. Rotate the tube lightly and make the illumination angle is good.

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Same ETL approval LED Fluorescent Light Bulbs, The L-N is connected in one side prong, This led fluorescent tubes can't connect mains voltage directly into fluorescent 2 prong, The mains voltage must be connected on one side prong bi-pins, One pin connect to L, Another pin connect to N. Another side prong just as a holder. The following draw is showing how to use ETL standard LED tube replace fluorescent tube.

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Ballast compatible the led retrofit fluorescents

This information is crucial before replacing your tube. The ballast-compatible driver is one of the top drivers that work with the LED tube. Led tubes that work with ballast are able to be replaced with the bulbs that have been damaged due to ballast. Also, it is possible to take ballast out of fixtures.

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