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T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685

(image for) T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685
T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685
(image for) T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685
T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685
(image for) T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685
T-1 SX4S Midget Flanged LED Miniature#22 #32 #718 #6839 #685
  • Model: T1-SX4s-LED Bulb-MF4-DGAS
  • Shipping Weight: 0.01 lbs

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T-1 MF4 Midget Flange LED bulb with SX4S Sub-Midget Flanged. This Miniature led bulb can be as replacement of below bulb number:  #22,  #32, #718, #6839, #685. Miniature lamp aircraft lighting, MF4 instrument panel LED light, Midget Flange LED bulbs, MF4 LED indicator bulb. 3 Volt LED light bulbs, 4.5 Volt LED light bulbs, 6 Volt LED light bulbs, 12 Volt LED light bulbs, 24 Volt LED light bulbs, 28 Volt LED light bulbs, 36 Volt LED light bulbs.

T1 SUB-Midget flange based ( SX4S base ) lamps compare with  T1 3/4 Midget flange based ( SX6S base ) lamps
The Midget Flange based lamps are ideal for Instrument Panel lights with a wide range of low voltage lighting requirements and compatible colored filters are also offered.   MF6 LED indicator bulb, MF4 Midget Flange LED bulb,  MF4 instrument panel LED light, MF6 Midget Flange LED bulb.

LED replacement of GE LIGHTING 6839 Miniature Incandescent Bulb T1 28v,  Base Type Sub-Midget Flanged, Also call as #6839 Miniature Bulb SX4s Base. Youtube Identifying Sub-Midget Flanged (Sx4s4) Base Bulbs
Consume wattage:  built in current limiting resistor
AS  watt halogen bulb replacement , 28V LED Midget Flange Based aircraft light bulbs
Input voltage: Different voltage option, DC 3V  to 60V,  as Midget Flange 3V, 4.5V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 30V, 36V, 48V, 60V replacement.
Colors: different color available
Lumen:  Lumens for cool white
Dimension:  Base Diameter 4.5mm, Bulb diameter 3mm, MOL 8.2mm
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Vibration resistant
Immediate response on/off
Available in a range of colours to add style 

Below parts number list are Standard T1 Midget flange based bulb types varieties that are Popular Bulbs in Bold:

Part no.       Part Name                      Voltage   LED Amp <  Part Size  LED MSCP >     Comments

22        T-1 Midget Flanged Based 14V      14V    0.04A               T-1      0.15    indicator & automotive
6180    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V        5V       0.06A              T-1      0.15    C-2R Filament
682      T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V        5V        0.06A             T-1      0.03    C-2R Filament
6839    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 28V        28V    0.024A           T-1      0.15    C-2R Filament
685      T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V        5V       0.06A              T-1      0.05    C-2R Filament
714      T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V        5V       0 .075A           T-1       0.09    C-2R Filament
718      T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V         5V      0.115A            T-1       0.15    C-2R Filament
7234    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V         5V      0.03A              T-1        0.03    C-2R Filament
7240    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 10V       10V    0.027A            T-1        0.1     C-2F Filament
7241    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 18V     18V      0.026A           T-1         0.15    C-2F Filament
8022    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V         5V      0.021A           T-1         0 .034    C-2R Filament
8102    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 1.5V     1.5V     0.075A          T-1         0.03    C-2R Filament
8112    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 14V       14V    0.065A           T-1        0.15      C-2F Filament
CF16    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 28V       28V    0.016A           T-1         0.025    C-2F Filament
CF23    T-1 Midget Flanged Based 5V         5V        0 .02A          T-1        0.2       C-2R Filament


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