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Hanging Single Dome LED Surgical Shadowless Lamp CE Certificate

(image for) Hanging Single Dome LED Surgical Shadowless Lamp CE Certificate
Hanging Single Dome LED Surgical Shadowless Lamp CE Certificate
  • Model: 1Aled-surgical-light-S1688SDYT
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Hanging Single Dome LED Surgical Shadowless Lamp with Ce ISO Certificate

Traditional surgical shadowless halogen lamps are generally designed as projection type with many light bulbs, which can produce not only mercury pollution but also heat radiation that are serious problems to patient. The study utilized Runge-Kutta methods and mathematical algorithms to design and optimize the freeform lens. The LED (light-emitting diode) was adopted to replace the traditional halogen lamp. A uniform lens was designed and fabricated based on the energy conservation. At first, the light field of LED is concentrated through the freeform lens to improve the optical efficiency. Second, the three-shell elliptic curves are applied to the reflective surgical shadowless lamps, where only few LED chips are needed. Light rays emitting from different directions to the target plane can achieve the goal of shadowless. In this study, the LED’s luminance flux is 1,895 lm. The shadow dilution on the target plane is 54%.  (central illuminance) is 114,900 lux, and the  is 57% which is higher than the regulation by 7%, whereas the power consumption is only 20 W. The energy of reflective surgical shadowless lamps can save more than 50%, compared with the traditional projective one.

Main Features:

Leading technology,choosing monochrome and phosphor coated OSRAM LED bulb,

most in line with the harsh requirements of surgical lighting and able to produce pure

and natural white light, provide a sharp and constant spot, also never produce color bulbs

caused by color trim and rainbow effect.

Parameter Introduction:

Head Diameter (mm):700

Light intensity Lux at 1 meter distance (Max): 160,000

Colour rendering index (Ra): ≥97

Diameter of spot (cm): ≥28cm

Colour temperature (Kelvin):4500±500

Adjust range: 10-100%

Life-span of the LED: >50000h

Function Description:

1. The Shape Design 
EXLED Operating Lamp with Laminar Flow Disturbance design to make fresh laminar air available to moves easily along the streamline of the operating lamp.

2. Illumination and Illumination Depth Adjust Freely
Lighting in the range of 10%-100% can be freely adjusted, It adopts unique optical and focusing technology to produce super-long illumination depth of 800-1500mm.

3. Color Temperature (Optional)
The lamp color temperature was controlled  at 4000-500K, which is the natural white light needed in the operation, the patient's department is presented clearly.

4. The Electric light spot focusing (Standard)
Control modules are set on the lamp, the touch switch is connected with the control module. When touching the touch switch, It controls different projection angles to realize the adjustment of the light spot.

5. Automatic Shadow Management (Optional)
Providing automatic brightness compensation for blocked light sources to maintain the best shadowless effect for surgeons.

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