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Portable 630 red light therapy 660nm Near Infrared 850nm Light Combo-Red Light Therapy Device for Face Body Skin, 850nm red light therapy

  • Model: Portable-850nm-red-light-therapy
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Portable 630 red light therapy 660nm Near Infrared 850nm Light Combo-Red Light Therapy Device for Face Body Skin, 850nm red light therapy

Red Light Therapy with LED 660nm and Near Infrared 850nm Light Combo-Red Light Therapy Device for Facial, Body and Skin Therapy is the optimal combination wavelength to bring about therapy results. A red therapy panel may help improve skin issues.
Natural lighting - both safe and environmental, without side effects or risk of infection, no addiction and no hazardous materials - red light has the power to improve local blood circulation, soothe inflammation and speed wound healing - using it daily for 15-30 minutes will have profound results on skin conditions.
Portable and User-Friendly - Works Straight Out the Box!The red therapy panel is small and lightweight allowing it to be placed anywhere within reach - whether reading on bed, watching television on sofa or playing computer games! With therapy at your fingertips anytime anywhere is no longer a luxury but reality!
Wonderful Quality - These quality LED devices offer excellent robustness and high reliability for daily home therapy applications. Each can last for over 50k hours of service life! Perfect solutions for daily therapy applications at home!
Note- Although most people can benefit from our red light device, it may not work for everyone. Lactating women, pregnant women and children are prohibited from using it. Please reach out if any issues arise while using it.

Red Light and Infrared Sauna Benefits mes Research has established the health benefits associated with infra-red therapy. Learn how combining it with Serum Infused Steam, Oxygen, and Red Light Therapy amplifies them further.

Anti-Aging: Red Light and Infrared Therapy have been found to maximize mitochondrial stimulation and rejuvenate collagen levels for smoother, firmer and more even skin tones. When combined with Vitamin E/C serum infused steam combined with oxygen therapy, these results are compounded even further.

Sweating has been proven to be more effective at eliminating toxins than just urination alone. Infrared stimulates deeper heat absorption while steam further warms outer layers. Add oxygen therapy and vitamin E & C serum for maximum detoxification results.

Weight Loss: mes Infrared energy stimulates deep beneath the dermis to increase metabolic rate and body temperature while stimulating blood flow to stimulate additional calorie burning - mimicking moderate exercise effects while offering added comfort while burning additional calories. Enjoy its warmth even more while burning off extra pounds!

Your choice of Aloe Vera, Mineral Melanin or Vitamin E & C serums are mixed into steam that fully envelopes you - penetrating deeper into your dermis with both infrared and steam energy - for deep moisturization of the skin.

Muscle Recovery: Infrared therapy is frequently utilized at physiotherapy centers to stimulate blood flow through muscle fibres to speed recovery and healing while clearing away toxins from the capsule. Oxygen can also aid faster recovery from oxygen deficiency.

Maximize your tanning results with Oxygen and Mineral Melanin serum mixed into steam that penetrates deeply into your dermis, priming your skin for maximum tanning results. Infrared light further intensifies results for even stronger tanning outcomes.

Included 2 PCS 18650 battery and charger
actual output per cm2:
1 inch : 120 mW / c?
3 inch : 45.0 mW / c?
6 inch : 25 mW / c?
180 lux at 15 cm

Weight: 210g
Different color option
630nm, 660nm, 850nm option, Please make a comments when you order


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