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Touch dimmer switch for led lights 5V Auto Turn-Off Timer

  • Model: touch-dimmer-5m-40F-1688zsha
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Touch dimmer switch for led lights 5V Auto Turn-Off Timer
Capacitive Touch Dimmer PWM Control LED Dimmer Switch 
2.4-5V for Light Strip, Indoor Table Lamp, LED Lighting Dimming
Turn On Your Lamp With The Touch Of Your Finger!
Provides 3-Levels Of Brightness With Each Successive Touch To Any Metal Part Of Lamp
Timer Shuts Off After 5 Minutes.
Perfect For Baby's Room As Go-To-Sleep Dimmer With Gradual Dimming Effect
Low Brightness Setting Provides A Soft Night Light At The Touch Of A Finger.
Touch dimmer has a wide range of applications and can control LED modules, light bars, indoor table lamps, LED lighting dimming, DIY light dimming, etc.
It has good resistance to power interference and mobile phone interference. In close range and multi-angle mobile phone interference, touch sensitivity and reliability are not affected.
The touch function of the dimmer can be realized under the isolation and protection of the medium (such as glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, etc.).
Installation: No direct contact with copper foil, no dimming through acrylic glass or plastic over 3mm.
The capacitive touch dimmer can adjust the brightness as needed. Wide selection range and simple and convenient operation.
Operating Voltage    5.0 volts
Switch Type    Touch Switch , Dimmer Switch
Item Type: Capacitive Touch LED Dimmer
Voltage: 2.4-5V
Maximum Output Current: 2000MA
Hole: 16mm / 0.63in

a) Short Touch (touch duration is less than 550ms)
Can achieve the brightness 30%-60%-100%-OFF control of the light. The initial brightness of the light is fixed at 30% of full brightness.b) Long Touch (touch duration is greater than 550ms)
Can achieve stepless brightness adjustment of the light. When touch for long time, the brightness of the light gradually increases. 
c) Auto Turn-Off
Timer Shuts Off After 5 Minutes, LED Indicator lights in red color. And when lighting turn on LED Indicator lights in blue color.

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