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6MM Red Green 2 Color led instrument light Indicator bulb 24V

  • Model: 6mm-LED-Indicators-RG-WIRE-WZBR
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Red Green 2 Color led instrument light, a 6MM LED hole bulb that has a wire. Pilot Lamps, Industrial annunciator. LED instruments panel lighting 24v Marine LED instruments lighting 24v.This indicator series makes use of the same shining LEDs as a lighting source.And it has the primary characteristic: long light weight, lamp shades are made of polycarbo-nate with higher tension and better anti-surge properties, setting the bolt connector for a more secure and effective.

This series of indicator lamp are used as indciating,foretelling,accident and other signals in the lines of equipment(such as electrical power,telecommunication,machine tool,water craft,textile,printing,mine machinery,etc.)

The two-color red, green and red LED indicator light is a sign that switches between two different types of light.

Three color LED that has two pin. This indicator is three pin and the middle one is called a standard pole, the other side is straight, and the other is diagonal which is a reference to a single color.

Consider the examples of green and red. In general, the straight pin is associated with red, while the slanted one corresponds to green. When current is flowing between the two pins the red light is activated.

If the current is flowing between the pins to the slanting pin the green light is activated.

If the electricity flows through the middle pins the green and red lights are synchronized, blending to form colors.

What's the meaning of the green-red, two-color Led indicator light?

Light emitting diodes are also known as LED which is short for. It is made of arsenic, gallium, phosphorus nitrogen, arsenic, and other compounds.

When electrons are combined with holes and emit visible light. This could be used to produce diodes emitting light. They are used as an indicator light in instruments and circuits or as an electronic display or text. Gallium arsenide diode, red light gallium phosphate diode green light and silicon carbide diode yellow light and galium nitride diode light blue. Thus, chemicals in organic light emitting diode LED as well as inorganic light-emitting diode LED.

Applicable environment: Environmental temperature:-25 degC~+55 degC

Relative humidity:<=98%


1.Testing the Insulated Voltage of Work frequency:2.5KV(AC acceptable value),1 minute.
2.Insulated resistance >2MO
3.Voltage wave that is permitted by AC indicator, plus 20 percent
4.Continual work-life more than 30000 hours.
6.Index of leakage CT1 >100.
7.Protection grade IP65/IK10/V0

Industries Panel Mounts Indicators that have led lights as well as Game indicating. This multi-purpose device has tiny dimensions, with a 15cm wire. It is available in both metal and plastic models.


1. It is made of Copper plating Chrome, which lasts for a long time, meaning you will be able to make use of it for many years.
2. LED lights are positive and negative poles
3. The distinctive design and large convex make them more comfortable and simple to use.

Product Name: Industrial Panel Mount Indicators
Low-power Voltage 24V
Color: Red Green
Metal is the material used to make it.
Installation The Hole Dia. : 6mm
Dimensions of the Panel: 8mm (D)

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