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12V or 24V 60W Solar lighting system for indoor outdoor lighting

  • Model: Solar-light-system-60w-12V24V
  • Shipping Weight: 17 lbs

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50 watt to 100 watt (depending on the weather and lighting  hours each night) solar lighting system for outdoor landacape lighting, Home and garder led lighting, or for indoor green energy lighting.

This item included 1 pc solar power panel and 1 pc solar charging and lighting controller but not included led bulbs and battery. You can buy different bulbs from our shop online. But please  note that this is 12V light or 24V lighting system, You just can use 12v led light bulbs or 24v led light bulbs

We do not supply battery because the international shipping cost is too expensive. Please buy any rechargeable battery from your local store. You can buy 12V or 24v (series connect 2 pcs 12V)rechargeable battery. The controller is single output, 12V DC or 24V DC depending on the battery.  I recomend to use 30AH, 40AH, 50AH, 60AH battery.

The controller is IP55 proof, Means that can be used in outdoor. Large below image see how to connect this system. Or see here link to see how to install solar powered led lighting system.

A solar generator to power your applications using sunlight - no extra running costs
Turns natural sunlight into electricity and charges any 12V deep cycle batteries
Provides green energy - a true environmentally friendly product
Ideal for charging batteries, Can be used to power lights
Weatherproof amorphous solar panels work even in cloudy and overcast weather conditions
Additionally with the charge controller you can be assured that your battery is protected.
In the UK summer this 60w 12v solar battery charger kit will charge your battery around 40-45 amps per day.

To calculate if this solar panel is correct for you, divide your battery AH capacity by how many days your battery lasts until it reaches just below 12v from full. eg,  40 AH divided by 5 hours a days until flat = 8 amps load = 96 watt 12V light bulbs. For this example you will need a solar panel that will generate above 40 AH per day, This 60 watt solar power is enough if the sunlight is good.

Specification of solar panel:

Maximun power Pm: 60 watt
Maxmun power voltage: 18.2 volt, Fitable for 12V battery charging.
Maxmun power current: 3.14A
Open-circult voltage Voc: 22 Volt
Weight: 5.5Kg
Diamension: 635*680*30mm,  4 holes on the Al frame for fixing

Functions of solar charging and lighting controller:
1. Light control + time control turn on/off + time control turn on + light control turn on.
2. It can set light intensity to save energy consumption, and really achieve saving the energy
3. It can prevent the battery from over-charging and over-discharging.
4. It can prevent reverse charging (the battery charges the solar panel).
5. It can prevent reverse connection of the battery and solar panel.
6. It will start up the lighting system in the evening automatically according to the intensity of the light.
7. It will shut down the lighting system according to the time setting or shut down the lighting system automatically when it is dawn.
8. It has a LET indicator of the working condition of charging and discharging:
One piece of Charge Indicator LED (mark: Charge). When it is bright, the battery is charged strongly; flickeringly means floating charge, no light means stop charging.
One piece of Load Indicator LED (mark: Light). When it is bright, there is output and load can work; if LED goes out, means there isn’t output and the load cannot work.
Battery indicator: red under =voltage, Green =full Yellow =normal

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