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UVC LED module 0.6W led UVC 275 nm water disinfection lamp

(image for) UVC LED module 0.6W led UVC 275 nm water disinfection lamp
UVC LED module 0.6W led UVC 275 nm water disinfection lamp
  • Model: 0.6-IP68-UVC-1688YZGX
  • Shipping Weight: 0.33 lbs

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UVC LED light module, 12V IP68 0.3~0.6 watt led UVC light module, led UVC 275 nm water disinfection lamp for plant irrigation and dringing water disinfection.
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Output Power: 0.3~0.6W
Beam Angle:  110±5 Degrees
275nm UVC LED chip
ABS Housing with glass cover
Demension: 35MM X 35mm

How Do UVC LEDs Disinfect Pathogens? UVC energy is absorbed by nucleic acids inside the RNA and DNA, resulting in covalent bonds which at the right dose can render the pathogen unable to reproduce and infect. The most effective germicidal wavelength occurs with a peak between 260 nm to 270 nm, the point at which DNA absorbs UV energy the most.
Are UVC LEDs Effective Against COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? Crystal IS initiated a study with Boston University's National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) to understand how SARS-CoV-2 responds to ultraviolet light across the emission range of Klaran UVC LEDs (260 nm to 270 nm) and at varying doses. Exposing the virus to a 5 mJ/cm2 dose of UVC light at 268 nm resulted in a 2.8 log reduction of the virus.

UV-C Light Kills Viruses but That Does Not Mean You Should Use Them. Because it has the problems when Using UV C Light is Home or Office Settings: UV-C light contains radiation that is harmful to humans. Even looking at UV-C light can cause pain or damage to the cornea of the eye. Human skin can also become irritated and damaged by it.

When Operating All UVC LED Lamps, We Suggest Wear Anti-UV Glasses (≥ 200NM) or Use Our 'Remote Control System to Control then violet Light Ray for Long Time.


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