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a set of microwave repair parts 7 pcs parts repair made easy

(image for) a set of microwave repair parts 7 pcs parts repair made easy
a set of microwave repair parts 7 pcs parts repair made easy
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a set of microwave oven repair parts 7 pcs parts  repair made easy. This set of repair parts fix any brand for example Galanz microwave.

Microwave repair made easy! When your microwave won't work, troubleshoot common issues with our repair guide. Learn how to test and replace microwave parts.
1st. step test the fuse and replace it.
2nd. step test High Voltage diode and replace it.
3rd step test High Voltage capacitor and rplace it. This capacitor can replace directly the original between 0.7uf and 1.5uf

You may be need to buy our other microwave repair parts-Magnetron If this 3 step can't repair Microwave.

High Voltage Transformer isn't easy failure.
Microwaves require a high voltage of electricity to effectively function and heat food, usually at a minimum level of between 3000 or 4000 volts. Standard power outlets in the United States provide just 115 volts of electricity and therefore require a transformer to alter the power level and provide an adequate voltage to the appliance. This is where the high voltage transformer comes in, as it is able to convert the voltage to a much higher level. To do this, it uses a range of capacitors that loop electrical currents to multiply their power, and thereby supplying the microwave with the power it needs to run.

This part of a microwave receives the high voltage of electricity supplied by the transformer and converts it into microwave energy to heat the food. The magnetron does this with the use of a specially created diode, which controls electrons using magnetic fields. There are two ring-shaped magnets that deflect the electrons, causing them to move in a circular direction and prevent them from shooting off.

As the electrons quickly pass through cavities in the anode, it creates microwaves. When microwave ovens were first invented, the magnetron was very large, which is why older microwaves are significantly bigger than modern microwaves. As technology has improved, magnetrons are able to be smaller, allowing for the entire appliance to be downsized.

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