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Tuya Smart ZigBee 3.0 USB WiFi Gateway - Control unit (gateway)

(image for) Tuya Smart ZigBee 3.0 USB WiFi Gateway - Control unit (gateway)
Tuya Smart ZigBee 3.0 USB WiFi Gateway - Control unit (gateway)
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Tuya's ZigBee smart wireless gateway supports 2.4G WIFI network direct connection, and the device communication network is ZigBee 3.0
Product function:ZigBee series products of the graffiti solution, including switches, sockets, sensors, door locks, electric curtains, universal infrared remote controls, etc.
Please note that any ZigBee product needs to be used with a gateway, and our company's model is the lightest mini and easy to install. The currently accessible devices support about 20-30, which is enough for small houses or apartment buildings.
The biggest advantage of the product is that it does not need to be connected to the network cable, it is plug and play, and it can be placed in any place with a socket to be powered on and used for networking.
Basic parameters:
Product name: ZigBee Smart Wireless Mini Gateway (Tuya Version)
USB port current input: 5V/1A,
Working temperature: -10?-55?
Working humidity: 10%-90% RH
Wireless protocol: ZigBee 3.0 wireless protocol

The local Zigbee gateway for your Tuya Zigbee devices provides high speed WiFi+ Zigbee Mesh connectivity, The smart home management hub that can connect to up to 45 ZigBee devices at the same time (sensors, actuators, etc..).

It can connect to multiple sensors that support the ZigBee protocol, such as a thermometer, a motion sensor or a humidity sensor. Thanks to this, your lights can turn on as soon as you open the front door, and the air humidifier will start working as soon as the humidity level drops below the level set by ourselves.

The ZigBee-Tuya Gateway is a node that connects devices running on the ZigBee standard and a large number of WiFi devices running the Tuya SmartLife app in an integrated system.

This HUB, or that of our Reference WT007, is indispensable for operating TUYA ZigBee devices.

Discover the completely new possibilities of the TUYA Smart Life system.
Wifi and ZigBee devices are fully interoperable in the application and can be automated together.

TUYA Smart Life joined the ZigBee Alliance, which opened up great opportunities to expand the system with new elements.

integration of more than 11,000 different devices
30 categories (control, climate, monitoring, etc.)
10,000 smart device manufacturers
developed daily with new functions and compatible devices
available free of charge for Android and iOS
Wherever you are, you can control the security of your property!
There are new compatible TUYA ZigBee system components, whose common features are reliability and small dimensions, made possible by negligible power consumption where, therefore, there is no need for large battery packs.

ZigBee devices are often used where reliability of automated processes is essential.

As the automation is managed by this central (gateway), the programmed rules and actions will be implemented regardless of WiFi network access or in the absence of Internet connection, ensuring stability.

Adding a ZigBee gateway to the Tuya application is very simple.
Connect the gateway to the power supply
Select in the Tuya Smart Life application: Gateway Control> Gateway (ZigBee) (1 gateway icon from the left. The figure shows a gateway with 2 LEDs / Blue and Red.
Enter your WiFi password
Put the ZigBee gateway into pairing mode by pressing the reset button for 6 seconds, release the device, the device will reboot, after several seconds the red LED will flash rapidly. Proceed to confirm that the LED is already flashing. If the LED flashes slowly, repeat the process again or change the pairing mode to AP mode.
Press the confirmation on the phone that the LED is now flashing.
Continue pairing as instructed on your phone.
Specifications of Tuya Smart ZigBee 3.0 USB WiFi Gateway - Control Unit (Gateway):
Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC
Power supply: DC 5V / 1A
WiFi Support: 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
WiFi receiver sensitivity: -95 dBm
WiFi protocol standard: ZigBee 3.0
ZigBee Receiver Sensitivity: <-101 dBm
USB port: Micro USB
Maximum WiFi power transmission: <18 dBm
WiFi distance: > 30 m
Wireless Technology: IEEE 802.15.4
Maximum power transfer: 13 dBm
ZigBee distance: > 30 m
Dimensions: 65x50 mm (diameter)
Weight: 50 g
Material: PC + ABS
version SGWG-001
The basics of the Zigbee protocol:
The Zigbee protocol operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency which propagates well in the building.
Zigbee connectivity is MESH connectivity, which means that each Zigbee device acts as a relay for all other devices. If the remote sensor does not communicate with the Zigbee Gateway, it is sufficient that it has radio communication with another sensor that communicates with the gateway. The devices operate in a chain of mesh connections, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.
Zigbee devices and sensors consume very little power, resulting in a long battery life.
Devices using the Zigbee protocol connect to the control panel in case of a status change within 0.2 seconds. Wifi devices take about 5 seconds to connect to the Wifi network after a status change. ZigBee devices have a great advantage in smart rule automation.
Most of the configured automation of ZigBee devices is done at the local gateway. Not in the cloud. A typical rule> If motion is detected (PIR detector), turn on the light, the execution time is about 0.5 seconds.
The execution time of the same rule on WiFi devices is approximately 3-7 seconds.
The Zigbee gateway and Zigbee devices allow for much larger and longer storage of parameter data and device history. Door opening history, temperature history, motion detection history recorded months back.


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