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7W UV-A moth-killing lamp, light traps, led moth killing light

  • Model: 7W-moth killing light-1688SZLX
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UV-A LED light bulb, 365nm 7W led UV-A light BULB, moth-killing lamp, light traps, led moth killing light
What is the most effective light source to attract wide range of insects to light traps?
 If you are going to capture different kind of nocturnal and aerial insects to identify prey availability for insectivorous bats in agricultural lands. For that, I recommend to use light traps. What is the most effective light source for this study?
Insects can perceive light in the 300-650 nm range, but prefer light that is between 300-420 nm which includes UV light.  A light’s UV output is probably the most important factor in its attractiveness to insects.  Since most insects are attracted to UV light, this is why most ILTs (Insect Light Traps, including bug zappers) utilize UV/blacklight bulbs as their source of attraction. Insects generally see 3 colors of light, Ultraviolent (UV), blue and green.

Input Voltage: AC/DC 12V, 24V, AC85~265V option, 0.55 amps this light draws at 12VDC
Output Power: 7W
Beam Angle:  120±5 Degrees
365nm UV-A LED chip
Base:  E27
Size: diameter 42mm MOL 135mm

BLB light bulbs are covered by a very dark blue or purple filter, and give off a purplish glow. Fluorescent tubes – either straight or turned into more compact shapes, like the example pictured – are the most common type but there are other lamp varieties available.
When using BLB lamps with UV varnishes or paints, check the manufacturer’s guidelines on the correct lighting needed to activate their product.
While BLB light bulbs are not hazardous to your health in the same way that germicidal UVC light bulbs are, they should always be handled with care. Wear gloves when handling them to avoid contaminating the light bulb, and ensure they are disposed of safely. Avoid long exposure where possible.

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