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MG6 Midget Groove Switch Industrial Panel Mount Indicators

(image for) MG6 Midget Groove Switch Industrial Panel Mount Indicators
MG6 Midget Groove Switch Industrial Panel Mount Indicators
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Midget Groove Small Indicator LED Light Bulbs, LED Indicator Bulbs, MG6 Midget Grooved Base (S5.7s) LED bulb as replacement of EAO 10-2J13.1064 - Single-LED.  Aviation indicator, Miniature lamp aircraft lighting, LED Aviation indicator light bulb   instrument panel LED light Torches Light bulb. Different color available. LED MINIATURE BULB, REPLACEMENT BULBS FOR MGG / MICRO GLUHLAMP MGG7388-07 1.12W 28V

Midget Grooved Base (S5.7s) Bulbs have a single contact on the bottom and a base diameter of 5.7millimeters. 
 T-1 3/4 (6mm) S5.7s (Midget Groove) Lamps for Signalisation; 
Midget Groove; S5.7s; Incandescent Lamps; 
Mechanical features Lamp size T-1 3/4 Socket Midget Groove (S5,7s) Diameter 6 mm
replace of Incandescent Lamps #337 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base, #336 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base , #379 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base, T1-3/4 Midget Groove Base, #334 Miniature Bulb Midget Groove Base, T1 3/4 

Industrial Panel Mount Indicators / Switch Indicators SNGL CHIP LED 34 28 VAC-DC YLW
For Use With:    Pushbutton Switches    
Designed for:    10 Series    
Illumination Color:    Yellow    
Voltage Rating:    28 V    
Features:    LED size T1 3/4 MG        
Illuminated:    Illuminated    
Product Type:    Panel Mount Indicators / Switch Indicators    
Series:    10
10-2J13.1064 - Single-LED
Operating voltage 28 V AC/DC +10 %
Operation current 7 / 14 mA ±15 %
Socket T1 ¾ MG
LED colour yellow
Lumi. intensity 280 mcd
Dom. wavelength 587 nm
Additional information
When using AC/DC types with AC operation, slight flickering can
Luminous intensity data of the LEDs on direct voltage
Electrical and optical data are measured at 25 °C
The specified versions are built with a protection diode (halve wave
rectifier) in series and the LED
Luminosity and wave length variations caused by LED
manufacturing processes may cause slight differences regarding
the illumination
For supply voltages above 48 V, it is necessary to use a voltage
reduction element (external series resistor or transformer

This retail price is for in stock of the original EAO 10-2J13.1064 - Single-LED

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