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6MM Industrial annunciator panel mount led Indicator Pilot Lamp

(image for) 6MM Industrial annunciator panel mount led Indicator Pilot Lamp
6MM Industrial annunciator panel mount led Indicator Pilot Lamp
  • Model: 6mm-LED-Indicators-WIRE-1688DG
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05 lbs

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6MM hole led bulb red green blue yellow white color option, Pilot Lamps, Industrial annunciator.
This series of indicator lamp is eqaully used LED shining clip as light source.And following character:long light weight,lamp shade is made of polycarbo-nate with high intension and has better anti-surge performance,set up bolt-type connector in it,which will be safer and more convenient.

This series of indicator lamp are used as indciating,foretelling,accident and other signals in the lines of equipment(such as electrical power,telecommunication,machine tool,water craft,textile,printing,mine machinery,etc.)

Applicable environment:

1.Environmental temperature:-25ºC~+55ºC
2.Relative humidity:<=98%
3.It can normally work under following condition:vibration frequency is 2~80Hz and accelerated speed is 0.7g.
4.Pollution grade is 3 and installed sort is

Main technical target:

1.Voltage of working frequency:2.5KV(AC valid value),1 min.
2.Insulated resistance ≥2MΩ
3.Voltage wave allowed by AC indicator±20%
4.Continual working life ≥30000h.
6.Index of leakage CT1≥100.
7.Protection grade IP40
8.Using frequency AC50~60Hz or DC

Industrial Panel Mount Indicators led light, Game Indicating. This all-purpose device also offers a compact design with 15cm long wire in connection and is available in plastic or metal variants. 


1. It is made of  material Copper plating Chrome, durable and has long service life, so you can use it a long time.
2. LED lights have positive and negative poles
3. The unique design and large convex make it more comfortable and convenient you to use.

Product Name: Industrial Panel Mount Indicators
Light Voltage:  AC/DC 12V, AC/DC 24V, AC110V, AC 220V, AC 277V, AC 380V option 
color: red green blue yellow white option
Material:    Plastic 
Mounting Hole Dia.: 6mm
Button Size:    8mm (D)

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