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LED Display laboratory Adjustable Power 0-30V 0-12V 0-24V 0-48V

(image for) LED Display laboratory Adjustable Power 0-30V 0-12V 0-24V 0-48V
LED Display laboratory Adjustable Power 0-30V 0-12V 0-24V 0-48V
  • Model: 10A-Dimmeable-POWER-4LED-LW
  • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs

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DC Power Supply Variable 0-30V and 1-10A (Precision 00.01V, 00.01a) 4 LED Displays with Digitals Adjustable Controlled Power Supply for laboratory.

There are several different DC voltages available. Please leave a note when you purchase it DC 0-12V dimmer, 0-15V dimming, 0-24V dimmer 0-36V dimmer, 0-48V Dimmer, 0-110V dimmer, 0-220V Dimmer. But note that Output current will be different for different range voltage (max output power: 400 W).

Longei is a high-precision, wide-range DC power source is a high-quality power supply regulator that is designed with crystal clear backlit LED display that displays the power, voltage and current. Precision precision: 00.01V and 00.01A. You can easily set the voltage to 0-30V and 10A. It is extremely robust and simple to see even in low-light conditions.

Safety and quality, along with high-end quality, is our top priority. Earth wire, also known as the power supply performs the task of protection against flow limitation monitoring protection temperature protection, overvoltage protection. Increase the efficiency of its work and longevity

The product's life span efficiently. Cables for output and probes with clips made of alligator.



The compact precise, accurate, pulsed lab power supply LongWei LW-3010D is fitted with two easy to read LED displays which show the voltage at the setpoint/current along with the current output. The output voltage is adjustable from zero to 30 V, and current ranging from 10 A up to 0 A. It can be operated in CC or CV mode as which is indicated through yellow leds. In configuration of CV (constant voltage) the control range ranges from zero to 30 V, with the 0.1 V resolution for setting. This current (constant the current) mode permits the setting of current from to 0 A from 0 A to 9.99 A with a resolution of 0.01 A (10 mA). The parameters are adjusted using multi-turn potentiometers that are marked current and voltage. The structure of the PSU is cooled with a fan which starts automatically whenever internal components require to be chilled to a certain temperature (built-in temp probe).


Technical information:

Power supply voltage: selectable for 230 V AC / 50 Hz, AC 110V/60Hz
Pmax output power: 300 W
Output voltage: 0 V to 30 V
Output current: 0 A to 10 A
Efficiency: > 85%
Accuracy of displaying the instantaneous voltage value: +/-0.5%
Accuracy of current display: +/-0.5%
Voltage stability in CV mode: < 20 mV
Load stability in CV mode: < 50 mV
The pulses and noises in resume mode: < 30 mVrms
Current stability in CC mode: < 20 mA
Load stability in CC mode: < 20 mA
The pulses and noises in CC mode: < 20 mArms
Dimensions: 220 x 160 x 70 mm
Weight: 1,35 kg

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