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21W LED PCB board use 9V High Volt LED Chip parallel directly in order to avoid one being defective and the whole light will not turn on

  • Model: 21LEDS-1W-9V-Parallel-ZSDK
  • Shipping Weight: 0.17 lbs

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LED light PCB board, 12V constant voltage PWM dimmable LED light for DC dimmer. 12V LED light that uses 9 V High Volt 2835 SMD chip to connect parallel LEDs directly, Avoid one light that is not working and the whole light will not turn on.

3 LEDs are wired in parallel to share a common current-limiting resistor like in the figure. More than all three LEDs (with common resistor) are connected in parallel to Power supply.

LEDs in parallel using High Volt 2835 SMD Chip. There is a possibility of varying in the forward current that is generated from the LEDs to. The variance could be decreased by using LEDs from the same manufacturing lot, but manufacturers don't rely on this and use "binning" to classify LEDs into matched lots for sensitive applications.

It is a High Volt 2835 SMD chip 1W 130-140lm offers the option of 3V 6V 9V 36V.High bright compact design, and a standard smd package 2835 0.2W 0.5W 1W that comes with several Volt options of 3V6V9V 18V 36V for an array of diverse lighting requirements. A high-quality compact design, extensively used in numerous lighting applications.

Please contact us If you need 24V 28V 32V 36V 48V LED light using High Volt 2835 SMD Chip to parallel LEDs directly.

Below listed are Different color temperature option, But the price and MOQ for other color are quite different, Please contact us.
Golden light 1600-1800K
Warm white to yellowish 2600-2800K
Warm white 3000-3200K
Neutral white 3900-4200K
Cool white 6000-6500K
Cool white 10000-12000K
red color 620-625nm
blue color 465-475nm
Yellow color 590-595nm
Orange 600-605nm
Emerald green 520-525nm
Yellow-green light 570-572nm

Chip leds 21 PCS
21 LEDs Connects in Parallel
Size:50mm x 50mm 
Color Rendering Index: Ra>80
Color Temperature:
Warm White 2800-3200K. Cool White Nature white 6000-6500k, 4000k4500k
Beam angle: 120 degree
Lifespan:50,000 hrs Housing
material substance: Aluminun
Material thickness: <1.5mm
Certificate: CCC CE and Rohs
1. The led lighting board can directly function on DC 12V. Please contact us if you require a 24V, 32V, 36V or 48V LED light, using the High Volt 2835 SMD Chip. It can be used to parallel LEDs directly.
2. LED PCB board lights source Aluminum plate base board has to be paired with a heatsink as well as a cooling fan. The majority of the aluminum and housing bodies made of coper are good heatsink.
3. Check that the wire's and LED welding temperatures are lower than 85 It is recommended to keep the temperature below 85degC Celsius

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