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36W DC dimming LED panel CT controller Perfect for Photographing

(image for) 36W DC dimming LED panel CT controller Perfect for Photographing
36W DC dimming LED panel CT controller Perfect for Photographing
(image for) 36W DC dimming LED panel CT controller Perfect for Photographing
36W DC dimming LED panel CT controller Perfect for Photographing
  • Model: PWM-36W-12V24V-LED-PANEL-SZDX
  • Shipping Weight: 8.37 lbs

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LED Lighting Solutions-The Tunable White LED Light Panels comes in any white color temperature.
36 watt 60 by 60 cm LED panel lights, DALI led lamps,  work on DC 12V, DC 24V or with dimmer.  Buy LED CT controller panel, This rotary CT led controller have 2CH PWM DC dimmer,  If one of it dimming cool white led strip or panel light,  Another one dimmng the warm white led strip light or led panel light,  The light effect comes in any white color temperature.  Perfect for Photographing indoors LED lighting which require different white balance, Widely used for commercial /office/household lighting ,workable for dimming, color temperature. The panel with digital display ,display status is clear when at a glance, wireless remote control , realize remote control function , thus can meet demand of various occasions.

Power Consumption: 36 watt
Luminous Flux: 3260 lumens
Size: 595*595*10mm  

1. Constant current control inside, but must be constant voltage input.
2. Can be working with DC12V, DC24V power supply directly
3. Can be working with any DC24V PWM control system or dimmer, such as DMX512, Dali, RF, 0-10V, etc. The application is very conveniently
4. Made with Super bright SMD5050
5. 6mm Light guide to ensure uniform brightness.
6. High accurate constant current driver with very stable quality.
7. Super quality aluminum body ensures super heat dissipation.
8. Very thin body only 10mm.

Designed with inside constant current driver, it can be used with different dimmers, Dali, RF, DMX512, 0-10V dimmer, etc. 
Controller:  Can be working with any DC12V 24V PWM Control System or dimmer(DMX512, RF, 0-10V, Dali, etc.)
Aluminum body to insure heat dissipation and long life-span
Saving up 50% energy consumption 
High CRI to insure a truer color of the goods and environment
Instant start, no flickering, no humming
New inner high efficiency (95%) with heat protection system, the constant current
Special circuit design, each LED can work separately thus it can avoid the influence that a broken LED cause
Green environmental protection, lead-free material, conforming to RoHS
No RF interference 
Ultra-slim, only 10mm thickness
Refined workmanship with good corner seam joint
Excellent thermal management, refined aluminum, lengthens the life span of led light.

Application: How to use Dimmable led panel lights, DALI panel lights DMX512 dimmable panel lights?
1. Hotels, conference, meetings rooms
2. Factories Offices
3. Commercial Purpose
4. Residential/Institution Buildings
5. Schools, Colleague, Universities, Hospitals
6. Call centers, shopping malls and exhibition Hall and other public places
7. Exhibition halls, art galleries, museums, offices, reading rooms, contour range

This product should be installed by trained electricians
Check integrality of the products when unpack the packing
The distance between the light and any flammable materials must not be lessthan0.2m.The distance between the upper part of the installed light and 
The ceiling must not be less than 2cm.The light must not be installed into ceilings or walls that contain heat-insulating material. 
The main cable must not connect with the low voltage cable or the surface- mounted lights. 
Guide the lights’ connecting cables through the drilled-out hole, and fix the surface-mounted lights with the pre-fitted clips. Make sure that these are securely connected to the base material. 
Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of the lights and do not allow them to play with electrical devices.
Try to avoid looking directly in the LED beam-especially for extended periods of time. Do not shine the LED light in another person’s eyes. 


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